Friday, October 2, 2009

Baby Boy! Now, What to Brew?

My son, Levi Anthony Thayer was born this morning! He's healthy and kinda weird looking, just like they all do brand new. Obviously today's post will be abbreviated due to more pressing matters. I did want to share one interesting story.

Right after my wife, Micalah gave birth to Levi (no kidding, 5 minutes), she looked at me and asked for some good coffee. Ha! What an amazing woman she is; her priorities are in perfect alignment: Baby Levi's BIRTH, then coffee. Wonderful.

I think I'll take her out and buy her the best thing I can offer her- a Traditional Cappuccino and biscotti of her choice. Yeah, I think that ought to cover it. For every successful delivery, a cappuccino.

Levi Anthony Thayer
6lbs 10oz
Here's a quick pic, right after he was born- gooey stuff still on and everything:

Lord, thank you for my son, for great coffee, and for my beautiful and strong wife.

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