Friday, February 26, 2010

An "I Told You So" Is In Order

Well, I did. Just a few days ago, I posted on how Colombia is experiencing a much lower-than-normal first 1/3 of its harvest season. Supply should go down, and therefore, prices should go up. These basic facts of market function are accessible to anyone looking for the information. I even suggested putting your money on it- that is, the fact that stock value of the super-rich coffee commodity would get super-richer (if that's a word?).  Guess what? I was right.

In this week's Bloomberg, Colombian coffee was shown to be expected to skyrocket in price. Even lower production should bring about record high prices. Of course, now that this "official" news has broken, Colombian coffee prices have, in fact, gone way up and are projected to go up another "21 percent in the next two months". In the last few days specialty coffee prices have gained by significant margins. Why did I not take my own advice and put my money where my mouth was?

There's not much else to this post than the simple declaration, "I told you so," except that it's not just you I told- I told myself as well. Here's to next time I make an air-tight prediction on the coffee market's futures. A quick picture of what is proving to be an increasingly valuable and rare item:

Lord, thank You for providing me with all I'll ever need: forgiveness through Your own sacrifice. It will never become a commodity: expensive or limited. Keep my head deflated and on straight. Here we go.

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