Friday, July 23, 2010

Let's go to Gorilla

I'm in the city for a few days. My wife asked me what I wanted to do. My answer: get coffee. I know, very surprising... not. She wants to go down to Canal Street and fabric shop, I'll be down at Gorilla, Stumptown, Roots, and Postmark. So far, I've made it to Gorilla and Postmark once, but don't think I'm underachieving; I've only been in NYC for a day. I'd like to shoot over to Gorilla again this evening to run into the owners. Perhaps if I'm flattering enough I'll get to tour the roaster? Anyway, here's a pic of me schmoozing with a barista (her name escapes me). The iced 8oz double latte I drank was fantastic.

Lord, thank You for the opportunity to visit such an interesting place. You must truly be an amazing Creator to engineer men and women with such potential and diversity. And also, Father, coffee was a particularly great idea.

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  1. Roots is so close! There's a couple other coffee shops close by too.