Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coffee Capstone Completed

My History degree has been completed at Mizzou! Easily one of the most difficult experiences of my life, not because history is somehow arduous for me, but because the assigned work combined with other assigned work, plus my LIFE, really made for a strenuous ending to the degree program. One element of the capstone project that made it more bearable though was that I had the opportunity to choose what topic I wanted to research within the subject assigned. The professor who acted as my slave driver for my project was very encouraging- and as you may have guessed, quite demanding.

A neighborhood in London with a particularly high concentration of coffee houses. Read the paper for more information!

"The British Coffee House: 'Penny University' or 'Seminary of Sedition'?" was finally completed after consuming around 300 hours of my life- that's around 13 days.  This paper turned out to be long enough to qualify for "Honors Thesis" status, but since I did not apply for this recognition before I started, you cannot apply retroactively. So, it's merely a REALLY long "regular" thesis on a fascinating time in coffee's history. I'm going to post the paper here for you to read and enjoy. I promise the read is worth it, but I know few of you will try to digest the 40 thick pages of coffee enlightenment.  For those of you who are really interested, the bibliography will be very useful for you.  Most of the texts referenced there are WAY to dense for the average reader, not to mention outdated, but there are a few good ones for introduction: Uncommon Grounds by Mark Pendergast as well as The Coffee House by Markman Ellis.

A hotly debated claim...

Here's a crude representation of the text on Google Docs: "The British Coffee House"

In case you're interested in the other massive paper for the semester: "Christianity Reduced"

I have a feeling that, like last year, Christmas gifts will be dominated by a coffee theme, both incoming and outgoing. I'll post on this soon.

Lord, thank You for Your Son, begotten, and not made, of the same substance with the Father, mutually eminating the Holy Spirit who shares Your divinity in the same way.  You sacrificed for me, with no gain to be had Yourself. I pray that would be a template for my own life. Keep my head deflated and on straight. Here we go.

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