Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Review of Ethiopia Koke Yirgacheffe

I decided it was time for a good, old-fashioned coffee review. It just so happens that Kaldi's Coffee Roasters recently had a new coffee reviewed at the Coffee Review. Being that I am a verified reviewer for the CR, I targeted it as well. If you're close the the St. Louis area (or a city in Missouri for that matter), find one of their cafes and check this coffee out. Enjoy. 

Originally submitted at Coffee Review

An Ideal Yirgacheffe
By The Espresso Vein from Columbia, MO on 1/12/2011
4out of 5
Pros: Thick body, Attractive aftertaste, clean, Balanced Acidity, Roasted nut palate aroma
Cons: Not best total immersion, A tad too dark
Best Uses: Chemex, V60
After trying this coffee French Pressed, Chemexed, through a V60, and AeroPressed, I concluded that this coffee performs the best when contact with water is the most limited- the V60's product was what I described in my review. The Koke brewed through the Chemex was also good, but not quite as good as the V60- the body in the V60 was a little heavier than the Chemex, more like a nice whole milk rather than 2%. The heavier body added an unusual complexity to the Koke that I noticed and missed in the Chemex. The French Press produced an ugly, astringent cup. The AeroPress did not produce a desirable aftertaste with this coffee- it left me thinking that I didn't really NEED another sip. Overall though, with pour-overs, this was a very good cup. I agree with the rating.

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