Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another "I told me so" Moment

I called it again. Crap retail coffee prices soared this week. Giant roasters like Maxwell House, Folgers, Nescafe, and the like are feeling the pressure of increased coffee prices lately, and their retail prices exhibit this inflammation. Take this excerpt from Reuters for example:

(Reuters) - Kraft Foods (KFT.N) said on Thursday it upped the U.S. prices for many of its coffees this week, raising Maxwell House by 22 percent, the biggest of four hikes in the past year as roasters face soaring markets.

The increase follows a February hike of 10 percent by rival J.M. Smucker Co (SJM.N), which owns Folgers, and will test consumers' willingness to pay ever-higher prices for their java.

Kraft has raised prices by roughly 56 percent since May 2010.

Retail price increases can help lift futures as sellers believe companies will be willing to pay higher rates. However, many in the coffee industry do not expect price gains to affect demand as the popular drink is still considered an affordable luxury, equating to an increase of mere cents per cup.

Kraft's latest price hikes took effect on Wednesday and came after arabica coffee futures fell from a 34-year high this month.
I really should take my own advice every now and then. Maybe buy some stock and sell it high before the next ridiculously large price increase for nasty coffee? How much more is the American populace going to tolerate before they begin to experiment with specialty grade coffee priced (by now) only marginally higher than the ugly stuff?

Abandon that junk. Make the switch to decent brews. Check the side bar "The Best I've Had" for some places to start looking for better coffee. Want to know how much my coffee shop has raised it's prices since October 2010? Zero. I'll be back soon to talk more.
Not any more... even the cruddy stuff.
Lord, thank You for the kick in the pants every so often. Obvious signs help. Keep my head deflated and on straight.

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